Montecarlo Restaurant

Montecarlo Restaurant


The restaurant was custom-designed and built, taking care of every detail with great attention and craftsmanship.

The entrance door is a REI60-certified double hinged fire door, coated in oak essence with a matt fireproof finish. Semi-circular oak slats and a customised steel handle with a polished effect have been applied to the surface by hand.

The bar counter is a majestic semi-elliptical structure with a purple breccia marble countertop 40mm thick on the inside and 80mm on the outside. The outer vertical part is coated in mirror polished steel plate with a cloudy effect that gradually fades upwards, while in the centre of the counter is a column coated in antique grey damask mirror arranged in a mosaic pattern. To complete the counter's elegant appearance, mushroom-shaped lamps were installed, made entirely of purple breccia marble according to our engineering specifications.

The benches have been personalised with custom-made elements upholstered in oak root with a 100 gloss polyester finish, while the upper insert is in 'Black Taurus' marble with mirror polished steel lamps, also made to our design.