Cannes Restaurant

Cannes Restaurant


The entire restaurant was created using sipo mahogany painted with 100 gloss polyester by RAL SRL. Both the counter and the benches are made of this fine material and enhanced by metal inserts with a shiny champagne galvanic finish, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design.

The focal point of the restaurant is undoubtedly the coffered ceiling, a true artistic masterpiece. The latter has been created with milky polycarbonate panels and backlit by a sophisticated LED system controlled via a console. This lighting gives the room a warm and welcoming atmosphere, creating a unique experience for customers.

To complete the luxurious and classic look, the ceiling is edged with faux mahogany sipo beams painted with 100 gloss polyester. These elements add a touch of rusticity and warmth to the ambience as well as perform a practical function, containing and concealing from view the equipment necessary for the restaurant's operation.

The skilful use of Sipo mahogany, together with the metal inserts and sophisticated lighting details, creates an atmosphere of luxury and refinement within the restaurant.