Prestige spaces
with a refined design

We realise environments with a unique design by perfectly combining mastery craftmanship and luxury projects.


Over 150 years
of experience

Study, attention and dedication have inscribed the 150 years of fratelli RONCHI’s excellence: the refined products of nowadays are the result of more than a hundred years of the company’s experience that tells a story of passion and mastery craftmanship.



fratelli RONCHI studies and realises sustainable solutions suitable for any needs to anticipate tendencies and be a symbol of a refined and elegance design.



fratelli RONCHI selects only high-quality raw materials to manufacture unique and long-lasting furniture solutions, fully respecting the environment.

One passion: attention to detail

fratelli RONCHI manufactures high-quality furniture for both residential and commercial environments.

The mix of craftsman knowledge and refined design projects, developed in collaboration with architects, allows the company to enhance any types of space.

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The Italian design has always been synonymous of worldwide excellence and distinguishes the core of fratelli RONCHI, a company that become a benchmark of luxury Italian-made furniture over the years.

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Fratelli RONCHI follows the customer in any production phases

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The company’s in-house technical office is the creative and technological beating heart of fratelli RONCHI. It closely collaborates with architectural firms to develop and define different furniture solutions.


Thanks to the effort of woodworkers and the supervision of designers, fratelli RONCHI takes care of the creation of the furniture by using high-quality and innovative materials.

True testing

Before each delivery, fratelli RONCHI dedicates itself to the pre-assembly in the workshop of all furniture complements.


The team of fratelli RONCHI carries out each installation and assembly with precision, competence and attention to detail.