fratelli RONCHI combines Experience and Mastery
to Conceive and Create Design Furniture.

Yesterday and today

Five generations have written the history of fratelli RONCHI, developing the plot of a tale that started from Brianza and nowadays touches even distant realities with one common denominator: refinement.

The two owners Alessandro and Alberto employ a qualified team to ensure high production standards. The attention to detail of fratelli RONCHI is rooted in the company's artisan history and entrepreneurial vision aimed at refined taste and product quality.

Whether is residential or commercial furniture, the company takes care of the entire production process, from conception to assembly. The RAL company was then inaugurated in 2009, which is dedicated to the lacquering and finishing of furniture, allowing this phase to be completed in-house.

From generations
to generations


Apprentices Alessandro and Alberto Ronchi are delegated with full decision-making powers by their father Renzo, demonstrating the trust and recognition of their abilities and skills within the company. This symbolic act underlines the family's desire to ensure solid and continuous leadership based on the skills and talent of its members, ensuring a stable and promising future for the family business.


The historic workshop undergoes a significant expansion with the doubling of its original surface area. In addition, a state-of-the-art technology has been introduced with the purchase of the first numerically controlled machine. This moment also marks the beginning of the first direct orders with international companies, consolidating the company's presence in the global market.


A major investment is made with the purchase of a new production facility. This strategic decision has been followed by the acquisition of an innovative technological machinery, which allows a considerable improvement in production capacity and operational efficiency. Thereafter, the company hired highly specialised personnel to ensure the success of these new operations, further enhancing the company's skills and human resources.


The company takes a significant step in its growth path with the acquisition of a new factory space and the foundation of RAL Srl, a strategic decision aimed to further consolidate the company's operations and establish an even more solid presence in the market. This new phase represents a crucial chapter in the company's history, marking a period of expansion and success.


fratelli RONCHI takes another significant step on its growth path by expanding the company headquarters, which not only increases the production capacity, but also allows the creation of a specialised technical office. The latter represents a centre of excellence where designers, working in close contact with architects and architectural firms, develop innovative and customised furniture solutions.


Nowadays, fratelli RONCHI and RAL have consolidated their market position with a team of 25 people. They face daily challenges with determination and competence, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to maintaining standards of excellence and meeting the growing demands of their customers.


Witnesses to the industriousness, ingenuity and constant growth of the company, the awards won by fratelli RONCHI in over 150 years of activity represent the value of the work that owners and employees carry out with passion and dedication every day.

RAL Srl is the division of fratelli RONCHI established to meet the need for in-house furniture finishing.

The services offered include:

  • Lacquering and painting of furniture
  • Lacquering and painting of doors and accessories
  • Polishing of unrefined panels
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